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KHS Fliesentüren - klappbare Fliesentüre - multipel einsetzbar


Dive down, forget the daily routine in a long bath or enjoy a refreshing shower, let your mind wander and relax exquisitely. Take a rest in harmonious linear ambience.

Flexible multitalent ...

So that the dream of the perfect bath is not disillusioned, the KHS Tile Doors adapt to your design. Technique is invisible, because the KHS Tile doors integrate into every wall.

A tile door
proves its versatility
Our doors are available in various standard sizes:
›› 30 x 30 cm
›› 30 x 45 cm
›› 40 x 45 cm
›› 45 x 60 cm
›› Formats
A true
quick-change artist
All plates can be adapted individually to every tile format. Simply score the smooth side with a Stanley knife and break the plate over an edge.
›› Design
Service openings
›› Bathtubs
›› Whirlpool
›› Heating distributor
›› Inspection doors
›› Range
Fits perfectly
The KHS Tile Doors not only adapt to the format of your tiles in every optional format. Invisibly, the KHS Tile Doors fit optimally into every wall.
›› Technique
Tile doors in special sizes for...  
[ KHS Classic ]  
Inexpensive and quick to install yourself...  
[ KHS Nova ]  
Technique is invisible, because the KHS Tile Doors integrate into every wall.
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